RIP Nimby

I don't know how many of you heard this, but Nimby, a truly wonderful workspace and dream factory, has been ordered to close it's doors.  Nimby as we know it now is over.  Hopefully we can rebuild what we've worked so hard to create.

Please see if there is anything you can do to help us out.  There is a good chance that even if you've never been to the warehouse, you've experienced and enjoyed something that was created there. 


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Hold Fast

Away for a bit...

Hello all-

Tomorrow i leave for 'that thing in the desert' and won't be back until the 2nd most likely.  Wish me luck, and if you're out there, come by 3pm and Center to Spike's and have a pint on me. . . .
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Wisconsin . . .

So, I am safe in Wisconsin. . .  after making amazingly good time across most of our last leg, we were faced with dead stop traffic last night once we got close to the border. . .  which just made for a more 'Are we there yet?' attitude in the car.  But we did get a chance to look at the faire site (oh my, some amazing buildings. . .  for you rennies out there I will take pictures).  Apparently Desiree's booth is right next to a tavern. . . so i will of course be checking that out this weekend (although I wish i had had a bit more room to bring my irish with me. . . .)
The work out here seems daunting:  I need to fully seal a slightly leaking roof, build a loft out of what seems to be slightly less room then I should have, repair some stairs and build a ladder, and reform the layout for a full sales floor.  I have 4 days. And there are mosquitos out here that are pretty big and nasty.  Should be a fun week.  = )
I should be able to post some pics tonight. . .  when i'll have the computer _and_ the camera in the same place... ... ...

Safe at home-on-the-range

So I've been traveling a bit, right now i'm in Kansas. . . and it's late. . .  and I have a bunch of pictures but I'm upstairs in the loft above my dad's jewelry store and the camera is all the way down stairs in the car. . . so they can wait.  But i have a pretty nice picture-log of the trip so far (1186 miles day one - 480+ on day two - 70iswh today - 650+ tomorrow)
Mom's was fantastic, Dad's and been wonderful... both have been too short.  I never realize how much i miss them until i get here and then I don't wanna leave. . . .
I should be getting some rest right now, so I leave you all with good blessing and I hope you had fun at Pride!
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Double Pints!

OMG - A post!

Tonight I'm scheduled to leave for Wisconsin.   Right now I've ample amounts of Vodka and Cider (hard) in my system courtesy of my fabulous roommate . . .    Soon i'll be writing about a fantastical road-trip across this 'great' country.  Wish me luck dear friends. . . 
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I know, the name says it all...

My theater is putting on performances of Urinetown  (http://www.urinetown.com/flash/index.html) . . . i was thinking about getting a bunch of tickets to either the Saturday night show (May 10th) or the Sunday Matinee (May11th)   Is anyone interested (maybe do dinner/lunch before hand at my house down the street?)

What are you up to right now (at half past midnight) ?

I'm in my kitchen listening to Jolie Holland while frying a complete package of thick sliced ham (and boiling yams). . . . and before you ask, no, i'm not drunk (i only opened that bottle of rum a minute ago).  Miss chaoskitty is helping. . .  from one country away, but helping none the less. . .

i promised an update, and since i have a few minutes of time, here we go:

I have been enjoying some very nice employment from both my home theater (DMT) and also some small stints at Berkeley Rep.  Both have been marginally lucrative in the ever-joyous past time of Putting Food on the Table.  I've also been working for a private client building her faire booth (all 1000 sq. ft. of it...) I have been taking days off now and again, mostly to just do absolutely nothing besides hang out at home and enjoy a few pints with friends.

I haven't had much time to work on myself lately. . .  I am still grappling with the ideas of love and intimacy, trying my best to hammer out something that makes sense and doesn't leak when I throw it in water.  I don't need a battleship, I just want something seaworthy. Luckily there have been a wonderful amount of people in my life who'll let me speak to them about things objectively and be my sounding board for things.  I am very blessed. 

Things at the house (chez chaos we're calling it) have been very wondrous. . . .  With Stanley Cup season upon us we've been spending many fine evenings either watching (or in my case listening while carpentering) the playoffs.  I swear I've missed the fun and joy of certain sports and Hockey is definitely one of them.  There has also been loose talk about getting me out riding on a motorcycle. . . we'll have to see how much the side work pays but it should be an interesting time this spring/summer.

I'm also bartending Absinthe parties again . . .  check this out if you're interested in attending the next one:  www.absintheparty.com   Seems that the first 100 people get in free. . . can't beat that with a stick can ya?

More when the mood hits me. . . . thanks for playing along and reading.

Goodnight, and joy be with you all...
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